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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Real Life

Real life at our house is me on the computer constantly.  I can often be found sitting on in my favorite chair, surrounded by three phones (home, cell and work), my intake log for work, a book I am reading to help me with kids in my class, and lesson plans. We're all counting the days until the holidays when there will be a little bit of a break.

Real life at our house is a rotting pumpkin on the front porch that might accidentally get pushed into the front flower bed in hopes of a pumpkin plant eventually growing.

Real life at our house is Chuck on Mondays, Parenthood on Tuesday, Friday Night Lights and Modern Family on Wednesdays, The Office and Grey's Anatomy on Thursdays, Good Guys on Fridays and Football ALL weekend long (even if B is not home).

Real life at our house is finding diabetic testing strips everywhere - in the carpet, in our beds, under furniture, in our pockets, stuck in A Bear's hair :) .....EVERYWHERE!

Real life at our house is putting puzzles together, listening to too much Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift!

Real life at our house is Christmas music in November, Parenthood TV Soundtrack, and silence at the crack of dawn when I am the only one up.

Real life at our house is shoes everywhere....since unfortunately my girls inherited the desire to kick them off the moment they enter the house.

Real life at our house is an unmade bed that I can't wait to crawl into every night.  Still sleeps the same as a made one :)

Real life is rarely getting a whole night's sleep due to diabetes or just the fear of diabetes (I try to give this one to God all the time!)

Real life at our house is dollhouse toys, stuffed animals, fancy clothes, girls who love football, and two big girls who adore their baby sister. 

Real life at our house is an easy dinner - how I love thee, bowls of cereal, chicken nuggets or pasta with butter and garlic salt.

Real life at our house is crazy and busy and chaotic and stressful and wonderful. 

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